Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins
Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins

Hair Rocks Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Tins

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Inspired by Natural Earth Rock formations Scentcerae® Hair Rocks are zero waste small shampoo bars molded into rocks. These all natural shampoo and conditioner rocks or better known as a solid shampoo are 100% Plastic free~Sustainable~bio-degradable~Sulfate free~Paraben free~Gluten free~pH balanced~Travel friendly~100% cruelty free~phosphate free~non GMO~100% vegan~CG approved and 100% handmade.

  • Our Conditioner Tin comes with 4-5 Agave Coconut Conditioner Rocks (6oz total weight)
  • Our Shampoo Tin comes with a variety of shampoo rocks to try (6oz total weight)

GREY STONE shampoo rock comes from Cyprus Cave in Greece
Made with Earth clay & cypress 
essential oil,
 extract, &
 Aloe Shea 
butter and 
packed with
 vitamins & 
minerals to 
protect hair & scalp, 
add shine, & create warm highlights.

Uses sustainably sourced Hawaiian Sandalwood oil,
 elderberry, hibiscus, & activated charcoal
 to promote hair growth and soften hair. 
 Contains Plant proteins to help treat 
hair loss & lessen
 grey hairs.

BROWN RHASSOUL SHAMPOO ROCK from Lands End on Baja Cali Coast
Natural minerals
 found in 
Rhassoul clay
 are used to safely remove
 toxins & product 
build-up. Your
 scalp will love the mix
 of cocoa and shea butters 
used in this formula. Peppermint & 
caffeine extract help stimulate micro-
circulation that boost hair growth.

RED CANYON CLAY shampoo rock from the Grand Canyon
Made using natural red clay, Alkanet root, 
and desert chamomile promoting hair growth. This
 rock is packed with anti-
oxidants, helps smooth and moisturize while strengthening the 
hair roots. Scented with red cedar 
and vanilla oak infused in aloe shea butter.

The natural minerals from
 using sea clay in this rock along with rice protein keep your
 hair clean and natural. 
Pure shorea and shea butters, 
 yuzu oil & bamboo extract
 have high concentrations of 
essential vitamins and minerals to shield 
hair stems to help stop hair loss.

YELLOWSTONE SHAMPOO ROCK (new) includes dandelion, calendula, sunflower, aloe, Irish moss, marshmallow botanical extracts carefully chosen for their ability to strengthen hair helping with hair growth, brightens hair and adds shine & highlights naturally. Scented with Organic lemon, vanilla and musk

WHITE RIVER ROCKS are the Conditioner Rocks. All in One Conditioning rocks contain natural minerals including iron, potassium, silica, and
 calcium found in white kaolin 
& earth clays to lift impurities from 
hair without stripping out natural oils.
 Conditions, shines, softens, brightens hair, 
reduces frizz, all while encouraging hair growth. 
Blue agave and coconut have been added which are both high in plant proteins help 
detangle hair, smooth the cuticle making hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier.

All our Hair Rock Bars are also available to purchase as single rocks HERE


What? You want me to wash my hair using a rock? Why?

Most shampoo comes in a liquid form with more than 50% of the ingredients being water and sometimes we find harmful ingredients found in the soaping agent or preservative used used then packaged in a plastic bottle that ends up in the landfill or ocean. We took all the ingredients that cleanse and benefit your hair and scalp, removed the water and toxins and made them into a solid shampoo called Hair Rocks. These solid cleansers do everything a liquid shampoo can do - cleanse, moisturize, add volume and sheen, and protect your scalp, and even suds up - but require no packaging making them way more sustainable and eco-travel friendly.

Interesting but how do they work?

Same as shampoo only Hair Rocks are super concentrated with high-performing ingredients that become activated when mixed with water in your shower or bath. When the rock makes contact with water, it lathers up and that lather can be worked through your hair like regular shampoo to cleanse without stripping your hair and scalp or natural oils.

How do you wash hair with a solid rock?

Soak your hair with warm water first then dampen the hair rock rubbing it in your palms until it creates a lather. Rub in circular motion all over your head giving your scalp a nice rock massage. Use fingers to comb through hair making sure shampoo is evenly coated before rinsing out completely. Repeat process with conditioner rock only tend to the ends of the hair more.

So cool but how many washes can I get out of one of those rocks?

Well it really depends on how long and thick the hair is, how often the hair is washed and conditioned, the size of the rock used, and how you store the rock in between uses. Not one of our testers had the same answer here so it's a tough one to answer and the rocks come in varies sizes so you can take a big one with you and use for awhile or a small rock for small weekend trips. With these rocks in a solid shampoo form they can do the job of at least one regular bottle of commercial liquid shampoo plus there is no plastic bottle to throw away afterward and we offer refills so you don't ever need to run out.

Hair Rock Tips:

  1. Keep rocks dry between uses. 
  2. Don't let your shampoo or conditioner rock sit in a puddle of water.
  3. Allow rocks plenty of fresh air to dry between uses.
  4. Use the included soap saver loofa bag for extra foaming action while washing just be sure to remove rocks to dry and rinse bag and dry between uses.
  5. Once your rock becomes too small to use again pop it into a spray bottle with water, shake and use the rest up. *Hair Rocks Gift Sets come with a leave-in conditioner bottle so you don't have your own bottle to use this one comes in handy and can be re-filled.