Face Base Face Primer ECO Set
All Natural Face Base Primer
All Natural Face Base Primer
All Natural Face Base Primer
Face Base Face Primer ECO Set
Face Base Face Primer ECO Set
Face Base Face Primer ECO Set

Face Base Face Primer ECO Set

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"Face Base by Scentcerae® will not only prep the skin and provide a smooth base for makeup application but with this high performance advanced formulation the ingredients provide other skin benefits like helping smooth fine lines and wrinkles, mask large pores, and help reduce oiliness or dryness.

Can be worn alone or under makeup. It's versatile and a little goes a long way.

This product is for all those who do NOT want endocrine disruptors in their skincare products and also who do NOT want a natural and organic formulation packaged in plastic.

This product is all natural and organic and packaged in a biodegradable zero waste push up applicator that can be recycled once empty. It's perfect to travel with and lasts a long time.

Use the Face Base 2 oz (40g) push up by starting in the center of your face and work your way out using gentle circular motions to blend. Push up from the bottom for next use.

The .5 oz Face Base Traveler is for on the go. Can use as an Eye Primer and great for lips too.

  • The ECO Set comes with (1) big size 2 oz push-up and (1) small size .5 oz push up
  • The 3pk TRAVELER comes with (3) small size .5 oz push-ups
  • The SAMPLE size is (1) of the small size .5 oz push-ups

RAW ORGANIC BEESWAX or VEGAN PLANT WAXES - used in this primer because it provides an effective barrier to the outside world to keep the good things in and the bad things out. It is also a great emollient so it is moisturizing your skin while it’s on there.
*Please note if you choose the original formula, we use beeswax from a local bee farmer whom uses safe practices and whom we have built up trust with. If you would like the vegan option, we use vegan plant waxes purchased from a local supplier as well.

KOKUM & SHEA BUTTERS - considered to be up to 80% of stearic-oleic-stearic (SOS) triglycerides which are thought to help dry skin. Packed with vitamins and minerals they are one of the most stable and hardest vegetable butters known.

ROSE HIP SEED OIL - helps correct discoloration, contains retinol (vitamin A), is high in the essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega-6) and linolenic acid (omega-3), as well as the antioxidant lycopene and beta-carotene. All these properties make it an amazing treatment for skin.

POMEGRANATE OIL - offers anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It can help with sunburned or chapped skin and improves skin’s elasticity, and can stimulate regeneration in skin cells, prevent wrinkle formation and photo-aging caused by the UV destruction of collagen. I love this oil!

PERILLA SEED OIL - chosen for it's low comodogenic rating. This dry oil will absorb quickly. The cleansing and anti-bacterial properties not only help with acne but also help reduce swelling and itching.

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH ESSENTIAL OILS - tones and lifts skin, heals and protects skin (against boils, wounds, acne and other skin maladies), fades and heals scars, promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy.

HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD OIL - Sustainably sourced and known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and ability to heal and moisturize skin.

HELICHRYSUM ESSENTIAL OIL - with it's strong antibiotic and antimicrobial properties it's the perfect choice for naturally healing and protecting your skin.

LAVENDER & ROSE OILS - Most soothing combination for your skin with too many properties to mention this combination alone would work with this Face base stick.

VITAMIN E - Prevents water loss from the skin and helps it to retain its natural moisture. Dull, dry skin looks more healthy and well-moisturized plus it helps restore the normal oil balance of the skin and acts as a natural preservative.

The products and information provided in this listing is not that of a medical professional. These are products that have been carefully formulated, stability tested, beta-tested, and compliant for safe use. Please check the ingredients list on each product to ensure that you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients before applying on your skin.

Scentcerae® products are not affiliated with the FDA food and drug association and my products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or other serious medical conditions."